Gym – Popcorn

Date: January 31, 2020

Popcorn – Gym

  • Setup
    • Setup Table
    • Cover Table
    • Place Popcorn machine on table
    • Use extension cord to plug in machine
    • Tape extension to floor to avoid a trip hazard
  • Popcorn Instructions
    • Prepare first batch by to be ready for 6:00 PM.
    • Pop the popcorn as needed based on popcorn instructions for machine.
    • Collect 1 ticket for each bag of popcorn
    • Prepare additional popcorn as necessary
  • Cleanup
    • Clean and empty machine of kernels and crumbs
    • Place popcorn machine back into kitchen where it was originally placed.
    • Break down table leave against the gym wall
    • Clean/sweep area
    • Place tickets, unused supplies, buckets and instruction folder into area tub and return tub to office.

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