Gym – Battle Light Beats

Date: January 31, 2020

Battle Light Beats

Instructions – Gym

  • Setup
    • Tape extension cord on floor from outlet to game
    • Plug game into extension cord
    • Test game is working
  • Game Instructions
    • Collect 1 ticket per person per game
    • Players stand at either end of the game.
    • Start the game
    • Player is to smack as many of the lights in the quickest amount of time.
    • Player with the most hits is the winner and gets a main prize.
    • Player that came in second gets a consolation prize.
  • Cleanup
    • Unplug game
    • Pull up tape and throw away
    • Place tickets, extra prizes and room instructions into room bin.
    • Bring game tub to the area outside of the office.

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