Room 1 – Giant Jenga

Date: January 31, 2020

Giant Jenga – Room # 1

  • Set up Instructions:
    • Setup the giant Jenga game on the cushioned pad.
  • Game Instructions
    • Collect 1 ticket per player
    • Each player removes one block from any level of the tower and replacing it on the incomplete top layers.
    • Play continues until a player causes the tower to fall.
    • The player that causes the tower to fall is considered the loser of the game and receives a consolation prize.
    • The other player is considered the winner and receives a main prize.
  • Cleanup
    • Place game in supplied container.
    • Empty all garbage‚Äôs
    • Sweep floor
    • Place tickets, extra prizes, instructions folder and ticket bucket in room bin.
    • Move room bin and game to the area near the school office.

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