Room 12 – Quarter Pitch

Date: January 31, 2020

Quarter Pitch

Located in Room #12

  • Set up Instructions:
    • Setup rental table
    • Cover table
    • Setup game on table
    • Tape throw line on floor at a distance
  • Game Instructions
    • Collect 1 ticket per game
    • Player has 3 attempts to throw a quarter to stay on the plate. If a quarter stays the player receives the main prize.
    • If a quarter does not stay they receive the consolation prize.
  • Cleanup
    • Pack up game
    • Place tickets, extra prizes and room instructions into room bin.
    • Throw table cover away and break down rental table.
    • Sweep floor & empty all garbages
    • Move room bin, game and rental table to the area outside the office.’C

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