Room 5 – Pop Walk

Date: January 31, 2020

Popwalk – Room # 5

  • Set up Instructions:
    • Place tables\desks along the window
    • Tape the 24 laminated numbers to the floor in a large circle.
    • Open the consolation prizes and make sure they are ready to hand out.
    • Setup music \ speaker and test
  • Game Instructions
    • Collect 1 ticket per game per person
    • Have each person stand on a number
    • Play music for a random time period
    • Stop the music
    • Pull a numbered ball from the pitcher and the person standing on the number called receives a coupon for a 2-liter bottle of pop as the main prize to be picked up in the gym.
    • Players who did not win receive the consolation prize.
  • Cleanup
    • Put extra prizes, tickets, numbered balls and room instructions folder into room tub.
    • Pull up and throw away all the numbers on the floor and tape.
    • Sweep floor
    • Empty all garbage‚Äôs
    • Bring room tub to the area outside of the office.

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